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At AffiGEN, we are committed to advancing the field of molecular biology by providing innovative solutions that simplify and enhance your research. AffiDYE® is our dedicated product line for nucleic acid stains, designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and ease of use.

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​Why Choose AffiDYE®?


AffiDYE® is engineered for efficiency, streamlining every step of nucleic acid staining. Whether you're working with DNA or RNA, our products ensure swift and reliable results.


Precision is critical in molecular biology. AffiDYE® products are developed with utmost precision, allowing you to achieve reproducible and accurate staining outcomes.


From agarose gels to fluorescence microscopy, AffiDYE® covers a wide spectrum of nucleic acid staining applications. Our versatile range adapts to your diverse research needs.


We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of biotechnology. AffiDYE® represents the latest advancements in nucleic acid staining, incorporating state-of-the-art features to enhance your research.

​Explore the AffiDYE® Advantage

On this website, you'll find comprehensive information about our AffiDYE® product line, including:

Product Catalog

Browse our extensive range of nucleic acid stains, each designed to provide exceptional results in various applications.


Access helpful guides, protocols, and FAQs to ensure your success with AffiDYE® products.

Application Notes

Discover real-world applications of AffiDYE® in molecular biology research, showcasing the impact of our solutions.

News and Updates

Stay informed about the latest developments, product releases, and scientific advancements in nucleic acid staining.

Your Success, Our Mission

At AffiGEN, your success is our mission. We believe that by providing superior tools and support, we empower researchers like you to make discoveries that advance our understanding of genetics and molecular biology. Explore AffiDYE® and embark on a journey of scientific exploration.

Thank you for choosing AffiDYE® by AffiGEN. We look forward to being your trusted partner in nucleic acid staining excellence.

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